Beginners’ Tips for Massage Therapy – Your First Massage

Massage Therapy and its much talked-about benefits are sweeping over everyone suffering from a hardcore lifestyle crisis. They are recommending and engaging in all sorts of spas and massages on a semi-regular basis. However, many things might be disconcerting for a massage therapy novice. There are no fixed ground rules to follow, but certain pointers might come in handy.

Taking Care of Personal Hygiene

People should ensure that they shower before the massage. That is why most facilities have a shower in the premises. No one wants to deal with an untidy and grimy client while touching their body.

Minimizing Rapid Body Movements

A person’s body can feel sore and loose after a first massage. It is because the nerves have been targeted to unaccustomed pressure. One should not get off the bed too fast or make rapid movements- massage is all about relaxation and smoothness of movement. They can soak in hot salt bath and drink plenty of water to feel at ease post-therapy.

Demand for Respect of Your Privacy

One should do their research about the credibility of a massage parlor in order to be safe from clichéd scandals. They should not feel any intrusion upon their privacy and keep their private parts covered with towels to feel at ease.

Scheduling your Food Intake Properly

Getting a massage on a loaded stomach can be unhealthy and an uncomfortable affair. It is ideal to put in a gap of 1-2 hours between their meals and massages.

Maintaining Ethical Behavior

People should hold on to their self-control at an intimate setting as that of a massage parlor. They should not try to create discomfort or wariness. Also, intake of alcohol or drugs is to be strictly avoided before a massage session.

Being Courteous to Your Masseuse

Courtesy to the masseur means respecting their professional space by maintaining punctuality. It is best to arrive early and give them a chance to start the process in an unhurried manner. A tip of 15 to 20 % is recommended for general therapists. Private therapists sometimes factor prices to include their cost and tax coverage and do not demand for tips.

Massage Therapy is all about enjoyment, relaxation and fulfillment. Even though stepping into this unknown territory might be awkward at first, people are bound to fall in love with the feeling. Getting friendly with the therapist always helps and they are the best people to guide their clients.