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6 Tips To Increase Your Testosterone

6 Tips To Increase Your Testosterone: Testosterone, Testosterone, Testosterone. Men are often told how important adequate testosterone is. Less sex drive? “Must be because you have a low level of testosterone.” An upcoming beer belly that doesn’t seem to work out against? “Must be because you have a low level of testosterone.” Difficulty remembering what you did yesterday? You guessed it… ‘You must have a testosterone deficiency‘. Although testosterone is of course not the cause of all medical problems, and is rarely the sole cause of these examples, among others, testosterone levels can be expressed in many different ways.

The production of the hormone testosterone decreases after the age of 25. As you approach 50, your muscle mass and strength will decrease, partly due to the decrease in your testosterone level. Your libido and the thickness of your belly are also determined by the level of your testosterone. Testosterone also affects your memory, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, you cannot stop aging, but as a man you do have an influence on your testosterone level. You can easily increase your testosterone with these six precepts.

6 tips to increase your testosterone

Tip 1 – Do it more often

Many studies have shown that having regular sex keeps the testicles active. And where is testosterone produced? Right, the testes. Men who are not or little sexually active have a lower testosterone level than men who have regular sex. “Use it or lose it” is not for nothing a common slogan among endocrinologists and urologists.

Tip 2 – Sleep well

The testosterone level is highest during sleep, around 5 a.m. Research shows that poor sleepers have lower testosterone levels. So get a good night’s sleep.

Tip 3 – Don’t eat too much licorice

The substance glycyrrhizine in licorice not only increases blood pressure, but also suppresses testosterone in men. This is shown by Swedish and Italian research. The effect is already measurable if you eat a few liquorice every day.

Tip 4 – Take it easy with alcohol

Testosterone is produced almost entirely in the Leading cells in the testicles. Alcohol disrupts the process in those cells. If you drink three or more glasses of alcohol a day, you significantly reduce your testosterone production.

Tip 5 – Eat broccoli and more broccoli

As always, good nutrition is an important condition for staying healthy. Some substances from food can be used extra well as a man, such as diindolymethane (DIM). This is a vegetable substance that indirectly leads to a higher testosterone activity. DIM is mainly found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Broccoli also keeps your prostate in good condition.

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Tip 6 – Take vitamin B.

B vitamins have a positive effect on testosterone levels. A deficiency of these vitamins leads to increased estrogen levels (also called female hormones) and has a negative effect on testosterone levels and fertility. Vitamin B is found in meat, whole grains, potatoes, vegetables, eggs, poultry, fish and nuts.

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Nutrisystem Meals | Get You Health

Nutrisystem Meals: The other day, I had someone ask me if you had to place a large or monthly order for Nutrisystem or if you could order the foods or meals individually and separately.  Basically, she asked: “what if I only want to sample a couple of the foods to see which ones I would like?  Do I have to buy a package or can I order the items separately?” You can do this.  You just have to know where to look and, in some cases, it will cost you a lot more money to do this.  I’ll explain more in the following article.

Can You Buy Nutrisystem Meals Separately?

Nutrisystem Foods

Ordering Nutrisystem Foods Individually (And Why It’s Much More Expensive): When you log onto the company’s website, you’ll see categories for the women’s and men’s programs.  Click which is applicable for you.  Once you do, you’ll then see several other options (basic, silver, vegetarian, diabetic, etc.)  Click on any one of these.  Once you have, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page (in the middle) you’ll see the a la carte option.  This is where you can get individual foods.

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However, if you look closely, you’ll see that you’re paying anywhere from $1.50 (snacks) to $6.75 (dinner) per item (this averages to be about $4.12.)  The dinner menus are the most expensive.  When you are on this diet, they want you to eat three meals, a snack, and a dessert each day.  This will be five of the diet foods per day.  So, if you were going to purchase five of these individual meals (again, figuring the average of $4.12), you’d be spending an average of $20 per day (which is much more than twice what you’d pay normally.)  If you were to purchase enough for the week, you’d be spending, on an average $140 per week.

Now, if you went with the basic package (which is where you get enough food to last you the whole month), you’d spend $299 (and that’s even before you take the coupons into account.)  And, if you went with the flex plan (where you take two days per week off), you’d be paying about $230. As you can see, this is a good deal cheaper.

Still, if you’re really just wanting to taste the foods and you don’t really care about the cost per meal, the option is there.  But, many people find that they get much more food on the flex plan for not much more money than placing an individual order.

Individual Food Choices For Nutrisystem: Pretty much all of the meals can be purchased individually. As an example, in the breakfast category, there are cereals, pancakes, scones, muffins, and bars which run anywhere from $2.00 – $2.95 a piece (the blueberry muffins are the most expensive.)

For lunch, there are soups, pastas, and potato dishes, etc. that run anywhere from $2.75 – $3.75. For dinner, the selection is more generous with ravioli, pizza, pepper steak, fajitas, macaroni and cheese, etc., but these items are more pricey at $4.75 – $6.00 each.

How much your total is will depend on which types of foods you sample and how many of them there are. Sometimes, going individual just doesn’t make sense for a larger order. As I said, if you see that you’re paying a lot for the individual items, take a look at how much more you’d get with the flex plan and see if that would make more sense for you. Or, see if any of the coupons (which often change monthly) for any of the packages would be even cheaper.

Check out for a list of all the Nutrisystem individual foods as well as the latest Nutrisystem coupon codes for the discounts discussed in this article. You can also read my free e-book “Getting The Most Out Of Nutrisystem” which includes recipes, the latest specials (up to two weeks free or over $100 off), information on all of the programs, tips, support, and motivation.

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