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What are Nootropics? The Best Nootropics Guide

What are nootropics? Nootropics are a class of nutracueticals, natural compounds, and dietary supplements that provide users with benefits to cognitive function. While there is a wide range of nootropics on the market, most work by augmenting the way your brain processes biochemicals, stimulating the nervous system, or optimizing oxygen supply to the brain. The results can include serious boosts to short-term or working memory, focus, motivation, and mental clarity. Looking for a productive mental edge? There’s a nootropic for you.

Do Nootropics work?


Nootropics do work. But the truth is, not all of them are created equal. The Best Nootropics Guide was created to help you navigate the confusing world of dietary supplements that benefit the brain. Scientific evidence in human trials is a great indication of a nootropic’s efficacy, but because many of these compounds are so new (and therefore under-researched), the user experience is also an important factor. Some nootropics also have adverse side effects for some users that you should be aware of before you begin your smart drug regimen. This site provides information about nootropics that are proven to give you real, noticeable benefits to cognitive function. We also introduce nootropic stacks that take advantage of the synergistic relationship between effective neuro-enhancers for a potent, well-rounded edge.

The Best Nootropics Guide

Intelligence is infamously difficult to measure. For instance, an IQ test can give you a rough approximation, but it doesn’t take into account all kinds of factors, such as motivation, energy level, and short-term memory. Luckily, nootopics can help. The Best Nootropics Guide recommends looking for products and nootropic stacks that include some of the following:

Noopept: A derivative of the racetam family of smart drugs that kicked off the nootropics industry, noopept is an ultra-effective compound that delivers several boosts at once. With a proven impact on short-term memory and a noticeable effect on anxiety and clarity, this neuroprotective compound will increase your productivity, enhance the fluidity of your conversation, and sharpen your focus for hours.

Sulbutiamine: A derivative of the naturally occurring vitamin thiamine, sulbutiamine provides proven benefits to mental energy and working memory. It also helps to protect your brain by reducing oxygen and glucose deprivation, which can lead to cellular death. This effective supplement should be in everyone’s nootropic stack.

Acetyl-L-carnitine, or ALCAR: Your body produces energy through intercellular processes carried out by your mitochondria. ALCAR is already used in this process to generate both mental and physical energy. Supplementing with ALCAR has proven beneficial for energy levels and fatigue, improving overall cognitive ability. ALCAR will help you make the most of your day.

PRL 8-147: A fairly new compound, PRL 8-147 (and associated compounds like PRL-8-53) might be the most potent nootropic ever developed. Not only does it show significant (as high as 31%) improvement in memory in trials with mice, but human experiments demonstrate substantial improvement in word recollection tests relative to placebo. Want to remember names, facts, or even where you left your keys? The PRL class of compounds is for you.

The secret is out: Nootropics work. Now is the time to finally get that mental edge you’ve been looking for. Try one of the nootropic stacks below and find out how much you can get out of your day.

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Qualia Mind Best Nootropics

healthy brain

Most Beneficial Activities for Your Brain

Brain health is something we take for granted and rarely pay attention to. Our busy lifestyles often mean we suffer from stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and lack of sleep. While we may recognize this type of lifestyle is not good for us, we do not really consider that this has anything to do with our brains, yet the brain is the command center attempting to cope with what is happening in our bodies. Consequently the brain itself can come under pressure and it is not uncommon for quite young people to suffer stroke or have early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Most Beneficial Activities for Your Brain

healthy brain

Fortunately, there is much we can do for optimum brain health which will result in not only less stress and pressures on the brain but an overall improvement with our whole body in balance and harmony with our brains.  Like all habits, once they are firmly established they become routine and part of your every day life style. So consider making some changes for the good of your brain health. It is never too late to start.

Exercise is one of the most beneficial activities for your brain. It stimulates blood flow and releases hormones that actually make learning capacity stronger and consolidate what you already know.  Walk, run, ride, swim or go to the gym. Any activity that makes you slightly breathless is the aim. Try half an hour a day, three days a week to start.

We all know that a diet overloaded with saturated fats can cause heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These fats really are the enemy as they may cause decreased blood flow to the brain putting you at high risk of stroke.

Smoking is another enemy of brain health. The nicotine in cigarettes interferes with oxygen reaching the brain which may lead to memory loss. Smoking also doubles the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Try to organize your lifestyle so you are not burdened to the point you don’t know what day of the week it is. It can be very hard to juggle priorities and sometimes we don’t have the luxury of down time but do try not to end up over-stressed and exhausted because it will affect your decision –making capabilities and accidents are often caused by brain tiredness.  A good night’s sleep is nature’s cure and also replenishes tissues in the body and rests the brain.

Certain essential fats are important for brain health. Oily fish, including salmon and tuna are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help the brain. Good dietary advice is to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and good proteins. A diet designed for heart health for example a Mediterranean type diet is proven to be food for the brain too.   By following a healthy diet, you are likely to maintain a reasonable weight thus reducing the risk of dementia associated commonly with being overweight particularly in middle age.

In busy lifestyles it is hard to find down time where you can relax. Take half an hour each day where you can use some meditation or relaxation techniques.  If you make this a routine, you will soon be able to conjure up a feeling of deep relaxation.

Brain health is maintained and stimulated by learning new things and presenting it with mental challenges such as puzzles, crosswords or learning a new language. Sports and games that require some co-ordination such as dancing or badminton, even table tennis are great work outs for the brain and body.

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As you can see, making a few simple lifestyle changes can not only make you feel better but helps your brain health and a healthy brain means a healthy you.

Qualia Mind Best Nootropics for Professionals

It didn’t take hours of long debates behind closed doors. All our research and testing pointed unanimously to the outright winner of the title ‘Best Nootropics for Professionals for Peak Brain Performance’: Qualia Mind from Neurohacker Collective!

If you truly need to break free from the choking confides of stress, brain fog and depleted energy levels, take the most obvious solution: Qualia Mind!

Multitasking in high stress working conditions rapidly deplete your energy levels and your general performance.

Qualia Mind Best Nootropics for Professionals

qualia mind

We view Qualia Mind to offer the best nootropics for professionals for peak brain performance. It offers a massive boost of crystal-clear brain energy, creativity and mental clarity. Expect to be surprised by the rush of smooth energy, supporting a new, unexpected drive and clarity throughout the day. You should also not experience any side effects, like jitteriness or a crash towards the end of the day.

By taking Qualia Mind, you can expect:

  • Effortless Focus
  • Mental Clarity
  • Lasting Energy
  • Amplified Willpower
  • Decreased Procrastination

Many users noted that they prefer to take 2 to 3 capsules daily instead of the recommended 7. The 154-capsule bottle will then last you more than 2 months!

NootropiCentral Rating:





100 Days Money Back Guarantee

“Qualia delivers the most comprehensive supplementation available in any nootropic stack I have seen. It is designed to deliver meaningful improvements to overall cognitive function.”

What to Expect

It’s straight forward … New heights in Brain Performance enhancement!

Qualia Mind will kick start the new you with a massive, yet calm and elegant, boost into new dimensions of crystal-clear brain energy, creativity and mental clarity. Expect to be surprised by the rush of smooth energy, supporting a new drive and clarity throughout the day. Forget about jittery side-effects, and there is no depletion or crash towards the end of the day.

Another benefit that we truly appreciate is the extended periods of clear-headed concentration that allows you to focus effortlessly on what matters most. Brain fog and distractions seem to simply disappear without leaving you feeling isolated or cut off from the world around you.

Who should use Qualia Mind?

We view Qualia Mind to be the Best Nootropics for Professionals for Peak Brain Performance available on the market!

It comes as no surprise that Qualia Mind gained global support from a wide range of medical and career professionals, fitness and well being experts, technology gurus, … and mums and dads. This is a truly universal nootropic stack for those who take their mental health and performance seriously.

Back in our office Qualia Mind is the day-to-day standard for Peak Brain Performance.

Formula for Qualia Mind

Qualia Mind incorporates 28 of the most potent bio-available ingredients in a systematically balanced formula to create a VERY powerful nootropic stack for optimal Mental Performance.

The formula is based on strong empirical research, strong quantified self-research data, and more than 40 years of research on nootropic stack formulation from around the globe.

How do I take Qualia Mind?

We need to say it again; the nootropic impact of Qualia Mind is Powerful! The daily serving is also a whopping 7 capsules! Many users, however, reported that their optimal daily dosage for mental performance is only 2 to 3 capsules.

Qualia Mind was also designed for regular use over extended periods of time, but on a cyclical basis. You should have at least 2 ‘off’ days in every 7-day period to maximize the cognitive support, whilst minimizing any form of desensitization.

Qualia Mind is positioned to provide the best nootropics for professionals for Peak Brain Performance. Every aspect reflects a premium, quality product, … including the price. If you’re serious about your brain health and performance, it’s going to cost you the equivalent of 2 lattes, every day of the month!

Supporting your premium purchase is a 100-day, no hassle money back guarantee. No need to return any unused product!

Buy Qualia Mind*

Trying to find the strongest Brain Performance nootropic that will suit you pocket? Click here for our review report.

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