These 5 natural fat burners will help you feel better in other body parts. Fat burner foods and their best extracted supplements are well known to ignite your metabolism and burn fat. But there are also other health benefits associated that is unknown to us. Let’s discuss it.


Although the excessive use of coffee is not recommended, a nice cup also has its advantages. The caffeine in the coffee makes us feel awake and alert. Caffeine accelerates the heartbeat, provides more oxygen in the blood and more calories burned.

Unfortunately, the goodness of coffee is often negated by all kinds of additives, such as coffee milk and sugar. For a change, try a pinch of cinnamon in your coffee or a natural sugar substitute, such as Agave. Drink coffee in moderation.


Avocado is super healthy. In addition to speeding up your digestion and protecting cells against free radicals, the avocado has even more health benefits. Consuming avocados lowers cholesterol, heals wounds, reduces the risk of heart disease and is good for your eyes and hair.

There are so many tasty ways to prepare avocado. How about a quick breakfast of half avocado with tomato and sea salt? Or a tasty avocado warp with salmon for lunch? A tasty smoothie with avocado, coconut milk and cinnamon is also a tasty option.


Herbs are low in calories and help burn fat. Cayenne pepper is known for being a healthy seasoning, read the benefits here . Cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and mustard seeds are also herbs that have a positive effect on your digestion. Preferably buy your herbs at an organic store.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are rich in protein, fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids and help your digestion, suppress cravings and increase the production of fat-burning hormones such as glucagon . You can soak chia seeds for 15 minutes and then add them to your smoothie, salad, yogurt or oatmeal.

Brazil nuts

These nuts are not only delicious as a snack, but are also a benefit to your body. Brazil nuts boost your metabolism, combat cellulite and boost your immune system. You can grind Brazil nuts and sprinkle them on your salad or ‘just’ have them as a snack. Mind you, people with a nut allergy are better off avoiding Brazil nuts.